Ornamental Root Feeding

Your trees and shrubs are a growing investment which should increase in beauty and value with each passing season. But often, landscape plants fail to flourish, and may even go into decline, due to lack of proper nourishment. Proper feeding of your ornamentals offers many benefits, including improved flowering, increased resistance to disease, and increased ability to ward off insect attacks.

How Ornamental Root Feeding Works

Root feeding injects the proper plant foods directly into the root zone of the plants, which allows the fertilizer to be easily absorbed and quickly put to work. Feeding helps compensate for poor soil or less-than-ideal planting locations. Over time, poorly located plants may gradually ‘decline’ if not given proper care.

Keeping your trees and shrubs in good shape

Feeding your trees and shrubs at least once per season is good preventative maintenance. The right diet helps to prevent many types of stress that weaken plants. When your trees and shrubs are in top health and are growing well, they’re often strong enough to fight off many infectious diseases or insect attacks without suffering serious or permanent damage.

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