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The Perma-Green Lawn Care Program provides superior results! Perma-Green’s Lawn Care Program will provide your lawn with the quality nutrients it needs to develop a more disease-resistant turf, to withstand everyday environmental stresses and develop a more extensive root system, giving you the lawn you desire. A Perma-Green Lawn!

Perma-Green’s Turf Care Program Details

Late Winter/Early Spring – Balanced slow release fertilizer to strengthen cell development of the plant. Designed to not cause excessive spring growth. Pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control when weather is permitting.

Late Spring/Early Summer – High potassium fertilizer or ferromec ac to promote a healthy dark green up! Broadleaf weed controls applied.

Summer – Low nitrogen rates with a balanced slow release non-burning fertilizer. Targeted broadleaf weed control.

Grub Control – Preventative grub application usually in conjunction with the summer visit.

Late Summer/Early Fall – Balanced fertilizer or ferromec ac to promote vigor and root development. Broadleaf weed control.

Late Fall/Early Winter – Heavy rate of balanced fertilizer to help develop an extensive root system and broadleaf weed control.

Winterizer – When soil temperatures fall below 43ºF, a winterizer fertilizer will be applied to help. Promote a more disease resistant turf and a quick green up for next spring.

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Programs may vary with weather conditions. Application methods may vary.

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