Lawn Care FAQs

Perma-Green Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

I have mushrooms – what do I do?

Mushrooms grow naturally when there are large amounts of water present in your lawn. They are not damaging to the lifecyle of the grass, and should not be of concern. The best method of removing them from your lawn is to kick them over once they are spotted. There is no recommended chemical treatment for this type of fungus.

After an application is done, how long should I wait to mow the lawn?

For best results, wait 24 hours and leave the clippings for the next two mowings.

Do I need to water my lawn after an application is done?

Water is what activates the products we apply. If we do not get any rain, you should water the lawn after 24 hours.

What if it rains after an application?

Usually if it rains a few hours after the application is done, the weed control has already dried on the plant and it should be fine. However, we recommend waiting 14 days to see if the weeds are curling. If not, you can call the office and we will schedule a service call to respray the weeds.

I have a mole tearing up my lawn. What should I do?

Mole traps are highly recommended. You can also schedule a grub application. This will cut back on one of their food sources and hopefully they will search for food some place else. However, grub applications are guaranteed to get rid of grubs, not moles. Grubs are only one food source. Moles will feed on other insects, earthworms, etc. that we do not control.

What are your business hours?

You can contact us Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM CST.


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