May 7, 2014

Grub Alert – White Grubs may be in your area and could soon be eating your lawn!

whitegrubWhite grubs are the larval form of a group of beetles.  Early in the summer, the beetles lay their eggs in the soil beneath the turf.  Within 14 to 21 days the eggs hatch and the larvae begin feeding on the roots of the turf.  As they grow, the larvae have voracious appetites and, if not controlled, can quickly destroy an entire lawn. Over the past several years, you may have noticed the life cycle of the grub changing.

Fortunately, Perma-Green’s systemic and contact products are an extremely effective grub control product with low toxicity to fish, birds and mammals.  It is so advanced that one application offers season-long control of grubs and other lawn-infesting pests.  So you can be tough on grubs yet conscientious of the environment.

For grub control to be effective, it must be timed just right.  Once grub damage has occurred, it is more costly to remedy.  Now is the time to schedule your grub application.

In order to insure that grubs don’t destroy your lawn, give us a call at (219) 462-3210, (800) 462-3210, or contact us to schedule your application or get a free estimate.


Estimate via Satellite? What’s that?
Many companies are now using Google Earth or similar sites to quote you a price for lawn care services. Call us old fashioned, but we prefer to actually come out and do an analysis of your lawn instead of relying on a satellite image that may be many years old! This allows us to better recommend products, services and pricing based the current conditions of your lawn.


How to Choose the Right Lawn Care company

Check to see if the company and its employees who will be servicing your lawn are licensed, trained and insured. There are many new companies offering low prices, but are they qualified to give you recommendations and treat your lawn?


New Information about Best Lawn Practices and Common Lawn Problems

Visit our Lawn/Turfcare page for several new articles about things you can do to help your lawn and information about common turf diseases and problems to be aware of.

Check out our Tree & Shrub Program!

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